Mulching is Part Art, Part Science – Leave it to the Masters

There’s organic mulch and rubber mulch, a variety of different types of each, and a variety of different reasons to use either. Organic mulch shouldn’t be used around certain types of plants, or under certain conditions, and neither organic nor rubber mulch should be applied directly to the base, or roots, of any trees, shrubs, or other greenery—but both should be installed between 2 to 4 inches deep, depending on various factors, so as to ensure stability and prevent loss of plant life.

If this all sounds complicated, that’s because… it is.

Mulching involves a lot more than opening a bag and scattering the contents around your flowerbed. Among other things, it involves informed planning and preparation, the weighing of several variables, and precise execution, any of which, if done improperly, could cause a big mess or even kill the very plants your mulching was meant to protect.

Indeed, some would say that mulching is part science. But it’s part art too—and the art part can be just as complicated as the science part. After your mulching system is installed, it should be groomed with appropriate tools and an eye tuned to both its integrity and appearance. If left undergroomed, it won’t look as tidy; but, if overgroomed, it could become uneven, or loose, beneath the surface and won’t sit right. So, you have to strike a careful balance.

At Little’s Landscaping LLC, we’re masters of the art and science of mulching. We can take one look at your backyard, front lawn, or other outdoor space and know exactly how to mulch it; and, when we do mulch it, you’ll have a beautiful, stable system that serves your needs and saves you the hassle.

Our Mulching Services Will Protect and Accentuate Your Plants & Greenery

Some homeowners choose mulch to protect their flowers, shrubs, or other greenery from weeds and other types of insidious growth. Others choose mulch to highlight, or complement, their plant life or “frame” certain flowers or trees. But no matter your reason for choosing mulch, when you choose Little’s Landscaping LLC to install it, you can rest assured that you’ll get a mulching system that does both.

Our expertly installed mulching systems will suppress and contain weed growth and keep your soil moist and plant life well-nourished and will also draw attention to the area by accentuating your plants and other landscaping or hardscaping assets.

Make Your Lawn Really Stand Out

The mulches we use are available in a variety of colors, and we offer other services—such as edging and other hardscaping—to further personalize your flowerbed and make your entire lawn really stand out.

For more information, or to further discuss your options, contact us to set up an appointment for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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