Retaining Walls

Let Us Take Care of Nature’s Flaws

Let’s face it, most outdoor spaces are not perfect as-is. Nature has given some of us land that is sloped, uneven, or otherwise a problem. And if that’s the case with your backyard or other outdoor space, don’t worry. Little’s Landscaping LLC has your solution.

Our Retaining Walls Will Stabilize and Protect Your Pittsburgh Property

Retaining walls are one of the most commonly used, most versatile hardscaping elements in the landscaping industry—and one of the most common reasons homeowners and industry professionals alike choose them is stability.

A retaining wall expertly installed by Little’s Landscaping LLC will even out uneven areas and contain slopes and small hills in your backyard, thereby making it safer while also adding to its visual value, or “curb appeal.” What’s more, your retaining wall will help protect the integrity of your backyard by providing soil preservation and preventing erosion.

Beautify Your Backyard or Accentuate its Assets with Retaining Walls

In addition to stability, there are many other reasons to choose retaining walls. At Little’s Landscaping LLC, we’ve found that homeowners in and around southwestern PA, also choose them to serve the following functions:

  • Partitioning. A garden or flowerbed is a lovely addition to any outdoor space. Sometimes, however, normal everyday conditions can threaten this amenity. Many homeowners don’t want their kids trampling through their flowerbed or don’t want to give wild animals easy access to their gardens. Or, possibly, they want to treat the soil or growth with special products or care for it differently than the surrounding areas. Retaining walls are a great way to section-off, or partition, these parts of your backyard—and a great way to frame your amenities.
  • Beautification. Sometimes, homeowners just want to “spruce up” their backyard or give it a bit more pizzazz or personality, and they choose retaining walls as an efficient, affordable way to do so. Properly placed retaining walls can highlight your backyard’s natural attributes, or cover up its blemishes, and, as noted above, are a great way to frame, or accentuate, your garden, flowerbed, or other outdoor amenities. They will also give your space a well-kept, well-maintained appearance that’s sure to impress your guests and neighbors.

To learn more about how retaining walls can improve your backyard or other outdoor space, contact us to set up an appointment for a free, no-obligation estimate.