Outdoor Kitchens

Bring Your Backyard to Life by Bringing Your Life to Your Backyard

Home is where the heart is, and the heart of the home is in the kitchen.

Think about all the special moments you’ve had in your kitchen; and think about the everyday moments too, the ones we sometimes take for granted. Think about the many magnificent dinners you’ve prepared for, and with, your family and guests; the informal meals and casual conversations you’ve shared around your table or counter; the cups of coffee you’ve chatted over with friends; and the glasses of wine you’ve toasted with your spouse or partner.

Now, think about all of these things again. But think of them happening… outside. Think of them happening under the stars, amidst fall foliage, or with fireworks going off in the background.

Amazing, isn’t it?
And it’s entirely possible.
Little’s Landscaping LLC can bring the heart of your home into the outdoors, to give your backyard new life and give you and your loved ones a truly amazing space in which to enjoy life’s moments and make memories.

Make Your Yard Stand Out with a Customized Outdoor Kitchen

Our expertly installed outdoor kitchens are completely customizable, from the groundwork to the appliances, and can be as simple or elaborate as your heart desires. So, whether you’re interested in something sleek and efficient or something ornate and decked-out with all the modern amenities—or something in between—you can trust Little’s Landscaping LLC to give you exactly what you want.

From the moment we come out to your greater Pittsburgh area home to give you your free, no-obligation estimate to the moment we finish your project, we’ll work closely with you to understand your exact needs, preferences, and budget, so that, in the end, you’ll have an outdoor kitchen that serves, and satisfies, you fully and makes your backyard stand out for its superb functionality and beauty.

Now is the Perfect Time to Get an Outdoor Kitchen

Without question, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living spaces are one of the most popular home improvements in today’s market and, in turn, are one of the most popular, most-sought after renovations home buyers look for when shopping for a new home. This is good news for you as a homeowner, for two very important reasons:

  • As far as return on investment goes, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor living spaces are heavy hitters. On average, homeowners who later sell their improved property see a 125% return on their investment—which means that, should you later sell your home, you’ll likely not only recoup what you spent on your outdoor kitchen, but also profit from it.
  • Because outdoor kitchens are so popular these days, they’re more affordable than ever, and it’s much easier for you to attain your dream space without cutting corners. There are many products now available that previously weren’t, such as pre-built outdoor kitchen fixtures and specialty outdoor appliances, and they’re set at very reasonable, competitive price points that won’t drain your budget. Some of the reasonably-priced products, or amenities, currently available include outdoor sinks, refrigerators, countertops, grilling islands/cooktops, pizza ovens, and fireplaces/firepits.

Make the most of your property, and make your dreams come true. Call us today to start your outdoor kitchen project.